Accelerated communication of the service center at A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS

A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS is currently the largest independent hostel provider in Europe. The A&O Group offers travelers around 24,000 beds and was able to record more than 4.1 million overnight stays in 2017 and a turnover of around 117 million euros. The chain is currently growing at a rate of over 25% p.a., and further hostels are being planned.

The requirement for the project with novomind: state-of-the-art software solution with fast project performance for continuous 24/7 support to process more than 150,000 e-mail inquiries per month.


Read more about the integration of novomind iAGENT for A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS in the Case Study!

Case Study: Where the customer really is king: 24/7 service

150,000 e-mail enquiries a month: fast and reliable customer communication is becoming increasingly important.

The software solution novomind iMAIL speeds up the communication of the A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS service center.

"A win-win situation for all. Our service level increases parallel to the number of guests and their loyalty to A&O." (Oliver Winter, A&O-General Manager)

The solution

novomind iAGENT Mail is a flexible communication solution that enables the processing of several thousand multilingual e-mails every day and is hosted by novomind. 

The result

Increased customer loyalty thanks to reliable 24/7 support in continuous operation. All e-mail inquiries are answered within 24 hours (previously: 48 hours).