Case Study: HolzLand

  • 95% of online purchases are successful if the right information is available at the right time.
  • A product information management system (PIM) is at the heart of every
    (omnichannel) e-commerce application, or at least it should be if you want to manage it effectively.
  • HolzLand GmbH is an excellent example of how a company managed its millions of pieces of product data from various manufacturers for its nationwide network using a PIM.


Read more about the integration of novomind iPIM for HolzLand GmbH in the Case Study!

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On the way to a digital future

Flexible onboarding, top quality. How a best-practice product information management system at HolzLand GmbH paved the way for its digital future.

"That was the consulting expertise we were looking for."

Christian Haltermann, Head of Digital Services, HolzLand GmbH

About HolzLand GmbH

HolzLand GmbH was founded in 1985 by 41 German timber trading companies. Today HolzLand is one of the largest communities of wood dealers in Europe with partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Benelux and the Czech Republic. The network now includes over 450 wood specialty stores of all sizes - from pure wood wholesale for professional customers to wood trading for end consumers.

Requirements for a PIM system

The search for a suitable product information management system was launched. "It was clear to us that we needed a PIM and there were already a number of providers. But basically, we weren't looking for software, but for a solution," says Christian Halterman, Division Manager Digital Services HolzLand GmbH, looking back. "Above all, we needed a sparring partner who could take on the special features of our business quickly and can map it in its solution".

The novomind solution for HolzLand

More flexibility. More control. More quality: It quickly became clear that HolzLand needed its own database model. One that could be quickly adapted and individually extended. "We need full control over the quality level of the data. Only then we can provide our members with high-quality product data, for use in all channels that are important to them," says Christian Haltermann. The challenge here was not only the data quality and flexible data enrichment, but above all the amount of data that had to be captured. In the beginning, product data from about 20 manufacturers had to be handled, but the amount of data grew rapidly. In the meantime, over 1.3 million article data records for more than 250 industrial suppliers with over 1,000 supplier catalogs are recorded. novomind iPIM mastered this challenge by defining rules for data visibility and mapping this individually.

Read more about the integration of novomind iPIM for HolzLand GmbH in the Case Study!

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