Whitepaper: Customer Service & Microsoft Teams

novomind iAGENT and Microsoft Teams bring more efficiency to every customer service.

Customer Service, Microsoft Teams & novomind iAGENT: Customer queries are not only answered faster, but also to the customer's complete satisfaction. Find out exactly how this works in the whitepaper!

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Customer Service & Microsoft Teams: Love at first sight!

This whitepaper shows how you can make your customer service more efficient.


The separation of external and internal communication is not very effective. Our whitepaper shows how to leverage your customer service efforts.

Customer Service & Microsoft Teams: Two that belong together

Communication reigns supreme - the same applies to marriage as it does to providing successful customer service. Traditional call centres have now turned into multichannel contact centres: all channels of communication should be able to offer customers an intelligent, interactive self service option (chatbot or FAQ centre) using artificial intelligence (AI). novomind iAGENT takes care of all customer interaction via all available channels and makes it possible to foster positive customer relations.