5 winning factors through conversational AI

Find out here:

  • why the future belongs to conversational artificial intelligence (conversational AI),

  • how you can automate your customer service with our new intelligent voicebot,

  • the concrete benefits for customers and employees,

  • how you can significantly reduce your costs with our AI-based voice assistant and

  • why conversational AI helps to solve the skilled labour problem.

Take your customer service to a new level with conversational AI

novomind iAGENT Voicebot: performance booster and cost brake in one


45 seconds time saving per call

Intelligent upgrade for your customer service

Customers want to be able to reach your company by phone around the clock - seven days a week. But this is a huge challenge given the severe staff shortage. Not to mention the high costs involved.

The solution: Conversational AI. It creates the basis for first-class service experiences at any time of day or night. This is because AI-based voice assistants can resolve many issues almost as well as their human counterparts. Whether customers want to cancel a booking, check the shipping status of their order or send a meter reading over the phone, they can always do so with an intelligent voicebot at the other end of the line.

You can find out what it specifically takes in our factsheet. It explains how conversational AI works, gives you an overview of our intelligent voice assistant novomind iAGENT Voicebot and shows you how you can use it to noticeably increase the performance of your customer service and reduce costs at the same time.