WEBINAR: Live Demo

Leading Omnichannel
Customer Service Platform

UK Webinar: Thursday, 7th October at 10 am (GMT)

In our 1 hour webinar, we'll show you a live demo of our platform:

  • DHL - The world's leading courier - using novomind iAGENT

  • Otto - Europe's largest ecommerce retailer - using novomind iAGENT

  • Email, voice, live chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, bots

  • Analysis, processing, routing, knowledgebase, AI, ticketing
  • Implementation strategy for small (20) to large projects (3000+)

Webinar: Leading German Omnichannel Customer Service SAAS Launches in UK – Live demo

Most customer service platforms are either strong in traditional voice or digital - rarely doing both well. novomind iAGENT is has been developed over 20 years as a digital first platform with traditional voice capabilities. With its modern, scalable architecture and flexible integrations its able to provide an comprehensive platform for medium and enterprise organisations.


Rupert W. Firmstone
UK Country Manager novomind AG

I am responsible for building novomind’s partner and customer base in the UK. Most of my experience has been with technology for enhancing the customer journey. I have a technical background in solution delivery, technical architecture and customer success and a deep interest in customer experience, audience engagement and data management.

Peter Linnemann
Head of CX Software Sales novomind AG

I am Head of CX Software Sales, and I have over 15 years of experience with customer service and contact centre technology gained from many projects, deployments and professional services.

About novomind

novomind is one of a small number of vendors offering an enterprise class "Digital First” customer service solution that includes voice. Development as a Digital First solution started in 2001 and the company has over 450 customers and 500 employees keeping the platform “one step ahead”. novomind was one of the first Contact Centre vendors globally to integrate with Facebook WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and Google for Business.