Whitepaper: More success on online marketplaces


In our guide, you’ll find out:

  • What are the driving forces behind a better performance and seamless customer experience, as tried and tested in practice
  • How exactly the use of an individual middleware solution can increase productivity and performance.
  • 5 expert tips for more success in online trade


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A practical guide for the fashion industry

How to achieve more success on online marketplaces: omnichannel e-commerce.


Whilst online marketplaces are full of allure, they have some key features which need to be taken into consideration

Omnichannel E-Commerce in the fashion industry

The common objective shared by fashion store managers and marketplace operators is to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers. How well a shop is performing serves as a good indicator of whether this objective is being achieved. This can very clearly be seen in the algorithms employed by marketplace operators, which use performance as a benchmark. The expert insights, tips and tricks in the guide are therefore aimed at improving performance from different angles.