Whitepaper: Product Experience Management

In our whitepaper, you read about:

  • Why product experience is essential for the future of online retail
  • Which 5 options businesses have available to create online product experience
  • What role product data play in the success of PXM
  • How a PIM system can be used to create product experience

This white paper can show you how to optimise the way you present your products

5 innovative ways of creating an authentic online product experience with PIM.


25% of all abandoned transactions arise due to a lack of product information

Product Experience Management

Nowadays, a modern online store is an essential part of every commercial enterprise, just like a door to a traditional retail shop. But the phenomenon of creating experiences is nothing new, only now online shoppers are merely one click of their mouse away from the nearest competitor, rather than a full door. This means that it is not enough to simply make products available online. Product Experience Management - PXM for short - deals with the issue of how companies can create an online product experience. Augmented Reality is just one of the many options available to make an ordinary webshop something extraordinary. But online product experience isn’t just about good ideas - you need to have an efficient product information management system (PIM) running in the background.