UK Call Centre Expo and Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit raise the bar for Customer Service

Thursday, 9th December at 11 - 11:30 SAST

The roundtable discussion will:

  • fill you in on the most recent trends and developments in the Contact Centre industry, shown at recent exhibitions in London and Abu Dhabi

  • demonstrate how you  can take advantage of these new trends to improve the service experience of your customers

UK Call Centre Expo and Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit raise the bar for Customer Service

A few weeks ago, two major events for the Contact Centre Industry took place in London and in Abu Dhabi - the UK Call Centre Expo and the Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit.

Hear from novomind’s industry experts during a roundtable discussion. The next generation of Contact Centres and the latest trends in the call centre industry, as well as its future impact on South Africa, will be discussed.

Find out how these trends can improve the way you service your customers and optimise your business. Our industry experts will be happy to answer your most pressing questions.


Rupert W. Firmstone
UK Country Manager novomind AG

I am responsible for building novomind’s partner and customer base in the UK. Most of my experience has been with technology for enhancing the customer journey. I have a technical background in solution delivery, technical architecture and customer success and a deep interest in customer experience, audience engagement and data management.

Hossam Amer
Managing Director novomind MEA

Hossam Amer, Co-Founder and Managing Director for novomind MEA, is a highly-accomplished Customer Experience Consultant and business developer with 20 years of experience in the enterprise and customer services software industry. 

John de Beer

John de Beer spent most of the last 15 years helping Executives, Individuals, Businesses, Sales Teams and Organizations find their A-game. Since 2005 he has helped 100's of Business Owners, Directors, MDs and CEO's to forge their way forward while facing some ever-changing challenges that present themselves. He recently joined novomind South Africa to forge new growth and exposure in the South African market, specialising in the novomind iAGENT program which aims to improve Customer Service across all industry sectors.

About novomind

novomind is one of a small number of vendors offering an enterprise class "Digital First” customer service solution that includes voice. Development as a Digital First solution started in 2001 and the company has over 450 customers and 500 employees keeping the platform “one step ahead”. novomind was one of the first Contact Centre vendors globally to integrate with Facebook WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams and Google for Business.